The History of Steampunk and Some Awesome Cheap Watches

What Is Steampunk?

What is Steampunk? That is a very good question my friends and you have certainly come to the right place to get the answer. Steampunk is a really awesome sub genre of science fiction and fantasy that is combined to create a really amazing style. It largely features machination of some sort or another technology from the 19 th century as an accent or even in the very performance of the item at hand.

Steampunk is becoming increasingly more prominent in the fashion industry and has made a big splash in the watch industry. It is an interesting and fun way to meld the old with the new ultimately creating something that is completely unique.

Best Steampunk Watches

We figured that we would go ahead and write up a review on some awesome Steampunk watches to give you an idea of what is out on the market right now. We have to admit that the selections available are pretty amazing looking and the prices are so beyond reasonable for the fine pieces of wearable artwork that you are actually receiving. Come along with us on a trip down the rabbit hole and check out some of these really awesome watches.

K & S Fashion Skeleton Steampunk Men’s Watch

The first selection on our review comes from the amazing Kronen & Sohn group and is part of the Royal Carving Series. This is an amazing timepiece that is expertly designed by renowned German watchmaker Ludwig van der Waals. This K & S watch features precision movement that is the latest breakthrough from Kronen & Sohne’s patented mechanical technology.

The piece itself is beyond amazing in appearance and totally unique. The fact that it is designed by Ludwig van der Waals is pretty evident since it features many key elements that are seen in his designs often and that have won him many awards for his creative designs in the past. This awesome blast from accessories past has a very interesting looking exhibition front and back that allows you to see the KM02B03 caliber automatic movement engine really working. Due to the automatic movement the watch does require 4-5 minutes of good shaking to get it to fully wind it. The high quality leather band makes this a very handsome accessory that is totally suitable for a man or woman.

AMPM24 Steampunk Transparent Men’s Skeleton watch

The AMPM24 men’s skeleton steampunk watch is another excellent choice if you are looking for a really unique piece that will be totally different from anything else out there right now. The design of this one is a total throwback to the old days of steam engines. It is loaded with details that are delicate, but the masculine appeal never wavers.

The skeleton dial design of this piece will certainly reveal your fashionable side since it is bursting with details. The dial features a silver and gold tone exhibition front and back with a stationary bezel that is engraved with handsome Roman numerals. The genuine black leather band puts the finishing touches on this awesome men’s accessory perfectly. This watch features automatic winding mechanical movement that lets you wear it anytime and the self-winding ability just requires a few minutes of shaking to get it going.

Yesurprise Steampunk

The Yesurprise watch is a really nice choice for ladies that are looking to spice up their outfits with a little Steampunk action. It has a lot of very unique accents that ride a fine line between being ultra-feminine with just the right touch of masculinity. It’s not only a really good looking watch it is also very affordable.

The Yesurprise has a wide brown leather that is nicely accented with bronze grommets on the bracelet portion. There is the really cool option to place the dials on different straps if another color choice suits your outfit better. The bronze dial has a slightly etched detail with Roman numerals that are bronze as well. There are really delicate and unique hour and minute hands that will expertly point in the direction of the correct hour. The quartz movement also you to be able to tell very accurately as well and can be trusted for years to come.

AMPM24 Vintage Steampunk Skeleton 9

Another great choice is AMPM24 is their vintage inspired steampunk skeleton watch. It too is loaded with details that make it stand out from ordinary timepieces. The self-winding mechanical movement definitely adds to its individuality as well.

There is a very handsome genuine leather with nice grommet details that really stand out. The brushed bronze case that sits front and center atop the leather strap features is super handsome and stately appearance. The dial is partially clear and allows you to see some of the neat inner workings of this piece. Surrounding the dial on a stationary bezel are Roman numeral hour indexes that will always tell you what time it is.

Steampunk pocket watches are also really popular in this new area of fashion. It was hard for us to pick just one to discuss with you today, so we made sure to make it the best one we could find. Take a look at this awesome pocket watch that we found on Amazon!

CredDeal Steampunk Pocket Watch

We wanted to touch on a little something different and veer off slightly from the wristwatch path that we have been on up until this point. Now we’d like to go ahead and talk about a Steampunk pocket watch that comes from CredDeal. This is a really attractive piece that is the perfect representation of what Steampunk is all about. To top it all off the CredDeal accessory is a very reasonable price and sure to be a crowd pleaser.

This pocket watch runs on mechanical movement and keeps perfect time. The antique metal case is in a half hunter style and has a very solid feel to it with a uniquely engraved design top cover. Within the cool case is a black dial and Roman numeral hour indexes that is safely behind an acrylic dial window. The front cover has a magnifying glass that will allow you to see through to the mechanical movement. The pocket watch is completed with a metal chain that is 14.5 inches and the perfect final touch.

Then these steampunk watches are a great way to showcase your unique style. They all have one thing in common, extraordinary artistry!
For this reason, they are more attractive to their processes and aesthetics than their functional role. For anyone who likes to emphasize the look and make a fashion statement, they are the best way to achieve this.

But even if they have artistic similarities, these gorgeous men’s and women’s steampunk watches have many different styles.

We have collected some of the best steampunk watches of all time to give you the opportunity to enjoy their beauty. Of course we also offer a replica watches.