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We are water lovers around here and are always super excited to explore some new timepieces that are meant for any water based activities. Today we are going to talk a little…ok, we are going to talk a lot about the very awesome replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean diving watch. This watch line was introduced in 2005 to further branch out other Omega lines to reach all of those watch enthusiasts out there that can’t resist the call of the water. This is really an awesome watch that is definitely a favorite of ours and will surely become high on your list as well. Here is our best replica Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean review!


The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake is a really cool looking fake watch from pretty much every angle that you see it from. It has a dial that comes in many colors and black, blue, white and gray are just a few to give you an idea of the options available. The dial itself is jam packed with detail, but it is not too much that would make it crowded and less attractive. On the dial we have dual or triple chronograph features, luminescent hands and markers and a date display window set in various places is included on all models. The dials also have Arabic numerals or stick hour index markers that will work perfectly with the super accurate automatic movement of the watch. The scratch resistant sapphire crystal display window keeps all of these fine and amazing details safe from damage.

The case that the dial sits in is constructed out of super strong and durable stainless steel. The bracelet too is rocking this heavy duty metal to keep it in good shape while you are thrashing around in the depths of the ocean. There is an excellent deployment buckle that will keep Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean securely in place on your wrist. Topping off the appearance of this best replica watch is the awesome ceramic bezel that is unidirectional and rotating, which will be very helpful when diving. The bezel also comes in different colors and adds a pop of color when you feel you need one. You can’t go wrong no matter what choice you make.

As any true dive watch should be the Omega replica Seamaster Planet Ocean is water resistant up to 2000 feet and built to let you enjoy the deep waters while diving. Now we know that you won’t be spending all that much time in the deepest depths of the world’s oceans, but if you do happen to find yourself down there definitely be sure to check for some pirate treasure for us! The screw down crown and case back help to keep it water tight and will also keep any small bits of debris out should encounter some sand or dirt along the way.

Each Omega Seamaster replica Planet Ocean is run off of self-winding automatic chronometer co axial escapement movement. There is an amazing sapphire crystal exhibition case back that allows you to see the column wheel mechanism while it is hard at work alongside the co axial escapement movement. The engines in this replica watch line are designed for the most precision, stability and durability possible and we can’t help but agree that all three of those feats are accomplished expertly.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean comes with a really great 4 year warranty that is directly from Omega to ensure that you will get the best care possible when it comes time to service your timepiece or if you should run into a product defect. Although the likelihood of a defect is slim to none since Omega is pretty rigid about putting out only the best and most perfect replica watches pieces. Each piece in this series comes with a certificate of authenticity with production number that lets you know that you are getting the real deal and helps with tracking during your service times.


There really are not any cons that we could find with the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean fake. The only thing we can possibly complain about is that we don’t have one of each model type with each different dial, bezel and strap option. We want one of each please and thank you. Unfortunately our vault that is overflowing with money is running low these days, so there will not be multiple Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean replica watches for us, but that won’t stop us from dreaming about it.

Who It’s Best For

Well as the name suggests this is a watch for those that are determined to master the sea, whether it is through fishing, diving, sailing, surfing or swimming. This is a watch that allows you to go to the deepest depths without having to even consider that there could be any damage done to your watch because with up to 2000 feet of water resistance you are pretty much in the green at any depth…or should we say in the blue since you’ll likely be in the ocean. Aren’t we hilarious with our puns today? No? Ok, moving on then.

This is also an excellent choice for anyone that wants an amazing looking fake watch that is loaded with features even if the intention isn’t to splash around in the ocean and swim with the fishes while wearing it. It’s really just a great line that will surely delight anyone wearing it. We suggest going out and getting one today! If you want to send us one while you are at it that would be awesome too.

As if you couldn’t already tell from our veritable love letter to the Omega Seamaster knock off Planet Ocean, we really and truly love this watch. We aren’t sure if it’s because we love the water or because we love a good Imitation watch, but one thing is for certain and that is that the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is amazing and can do no wrong in our eyes. We are sure that you will love it just as much as we do, so run right out to buy one and let us know what you think!

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